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New Signing: Bradley Carrington

bradleycarringtonAfter Xtra went off the air, the Boardwalk of Directors were able to finalze a contract with Bradley Carrington!


Bradley was born in Ithaca, New York to a family of intellectuals.  His father is a doctor of philosophy and his mother a lawyer.  His parents went to Cornell, their parents went to Cornell, and Bradley followed in their footsteps.  He graduated with a degree in philosophy and minored in education, however he denied the teaching jobs he was offered to pursue a career in wrestling, a path he chose so he could teach respect and discipline to anyone and everyone who stepped into the ring with him.  A lifelong fan of wrestling, Bradley competed on his school wrestling teams in middle school [district champion], high school [state champion], and even during his time at Cornell [Ivy League champion].  He has conquered every challenge that has come his way, and now he has his sights set on Boardwalk Wrestling.


Look for Bradley Carrington to debut soon in Boardwalk Wrestling!

Brock Whitworth Named Head of Security

brockwhitworthNow that his in ring career in Boardwalk Wrestling has come to a close, the Boardwalk of Directors have restructured the contract of Brock Whitworth, making him Head of Security. This position was previously held by Uncle Jemima, but due to his duties as Senior Anarchy Referee, the Directors felt it was best to hire a replacement. Seeing that Brock Whitworth is an imposing figure with both size and presence, the new position should be an easy fit for the Australian powerhouse!

Boardwalk Xtra Brings the Mayhem, You Bring the Popcorn!

michaelpettisboomerThat's right, we are once again live from Bally's Hotel & Casino as we bring you Boardwalk Xtra! This show is chock full of surprises and action, as we are highlighted with a match between Rico Smith and Tony Savage! Preceeding that is another instant classic as Matt Meyhu takes on Ataxia in a match that nearly stole the show. We also have the Casino Champion Ty Petapaw in tag team action involving three top contenders to his title, plus the final Boardwalk match of Brock Whitworth! Don't wait any longer reading the build up.. Watch the show HERE!


Also check out the card for next week where we will see a four corners cage match with your special guest referee... Robot Pete! Plus four more top quality matches, which you have grown to expect from the hottest promotion on the east coast! Click HERE to see what's going down next week as we are inching closer to Dead Man's Hand on pay per view!


jonstewartearlgrubmanThat's right, ladies and gentlemen, Boardwalk Wrestling is on the air! Due to a power outage in Atlantic City last night. Out technical crews have been working all night to piece together the electrical.   We care about our fans too much to wait any longer,  so we are releasing the show for ON DEMAND subscribers now.  Come and check out all the action.  How will Juliette Brooks fare in her return match ?  Will another person be named to the Gauntlet match ?  Will the Future find the answer of the right team to face off against Awe.Some.   Click here to see the action unfold. 

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