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New Signing: Jack Lockhart

jacklockhartangellockhartThe Boardwalk of Directors have announced that thay have come to terms on a contract with Jack Lockhart and his wife, Angel!


Jack Lockhart grew up on the streets of Chicago as a biker gang member. After seeing a close friend killed, Jack Lockhart quit the gang to becomme a wrestler. A man named Saber went and trained Jack Lockhart to be a wrestler where he entered the ICW2 and won the t.v. title twice. Jack Lockhart has been in several feds winning titles all over including the world eight times. Jack Lockhart is always looking for better competition. Jack Lockhart has been wrestling for around the world since his debut back in August of 2001. The only place he hasn't wrestled is in Mexico, he figured he would be too big for that place. Jack Lockhart has been in many federations, some helping a friend out when need be like he did when he wrestled for Jack Blackthrone in the IWA or when he wrestled for the UWO. He's also wrestled for places cause he liked the compition like when he was in the NWA. RWA and WVWF was some pretty good compition there to. Jack Lockhart has been loved by the fans and also been hated by the fans. Either way he don't care, he's about cashing checks, breaking necks and of course his most favorite, ending careers. Back when he wrestled in the NWA, he ended the fued that he had going on with the legend Sweet T by giving him the Earth Shatter of the top of the Hell in a Cell onto the announce table below. Jack Lockhart is a 3rd generation wrestler, he knew that his grandfather used to be a wrestler but didn't know his father was until his son Nathaniel did some research and found out. Jack has trained Nathaniel to be a wrestler.


Look for Jack Lockhart to debut soon in Boardwalk Wrestling!

How About Some Boardwalk Xtra!?

jonstewartharoldgoldgraftYes, once again it is Thursday night, and that means that we are live on boardwalkwrestling.com with our Thursday niht spectacular, Boardwalk Xtra! Tonight we are highlighted by a Tea Party Match for the Anarchy Title, as champion Lisa King defends against Alice! Also, the new King of Boardwalk Bradley Carrington takes on "The Comeback Kid" Mike Zybala! Plus, Nathaniel Lockheart retruns as he takes on Ed Houston! We will also see the debuts of Dave Wilson and Oliver Black, and some great tag team action as well. Click HERE to see the show!


Also, next week's card for Xtra has been announced, where we will see the Anarchy Title defended once more, plus your Atlantic City Champion Matt Meyhu in action! Click HERE to check out the preview!

New Signing: Siobhan Townsend

siobhantownsendThe recent hiring frenzy continues as early Monday morning, the Boardwalk of Directors came to terms on a contract with "The Requiem" Siobhan Townsend!


Allison Detorre and Michael Norcia both are known for being a hardass to the extreme... and even they found themselves somewhat stymied at how desperately devoted Siobhan is to her work. Never the sort to be social-- she's rather distant and aloof out of the ring, keeping to herself with very few exceptions-- Siobhan is a difficult person to read for most. There are rumors to the source of her militant discipline and ability to keep her focus in the most extreme of environments. Prying into that particular subject, though, is far from wise. Very, very far from wise. About the only person that knows anything about that is her husband, Dominic.


Look for Siobhan Townsend to debut next week on Boardwalk Live!